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Short Courses

To provide you with another option to gain valuable knowledge and continuing education credits, ASCE Convention is bringing two short courses to Anaheim.

Pick and pay for your short course while registering for ASCE 2020!

Both short courses take place:

Wednesday, October 28 | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
7.0 PDHs each

Envision Sustainability Professional Training

This short course shows how to apply Envision through self-assessments to demonstrate how a project comprehensively addresses sustainability and resiliency. After completing this training course, attendees will be eligible to take the exam for an ENV SP certification.

When addressing sustainability and resiliency in the face of changing variables, it is difficult to assess the full range of benefits and impacts across the broad scope of social, environmental, and economic factors. Envision’s framework provides a structure in which users can more easily measure progress and identify potential trade-offs amid this complex mix of objective, subjective, quantifiable, and qualitative criteria. The rating scale presented for each sustainability indicator helps users identify and align priorities against a common scale.

With a detailed look at the Envision framework, sustainability indicators and metrics, evaluation criteria and documentation required, this short course shows how to create robust project self-assessments and further streamline your next Envision project verification. Course participants will be able to practice using the Envision framework on self-assessments of realistic project examples and hear feedback from ISI staff and experienced ISI verifiers.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Accurately self-assess credits in the Envision v3 framework
  • Use best practices and avoid mistakes in project self-assessment
  • Describe the Envision verification process
  • Prepare a thorough project self-assessment submittal for verification
  • Write effective and informative credit narratives and responses to evaluation criteria
  • Take the exam for an ENV SP certification

Price: EB: $525 | ADV: $575 | ONS: $650

SAP Disaster Service Worker Course

The Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Evaluator training is a five-hour class that prepares civil engineers with the knowledge they’ll need to quickly evaluate buildings and structures in the aftermath of a disaster. The aim of these rapid evaluations is to get people and businesses back into safe dwellings and structures as soon as possible. This reduces the expense of providing temporary housing also gets businesses back into operation, so the local economy isn’t devastated.

The class covers how emergency operations are conducted, liability of volunteers, field safety, what to look for when evaluating buildings and structures, and types of disasters and their effects (earthquakes, fires, windstorms, floods, explosions, hurricanes, tornados, heavy snow and debris flows).

Why Get Certified?

When major disasters occur, hundreds of volunteer civil engineers will be needed to serve one-week periods to help their fellow citizens who are in desperate need. Without certification as an SAP Evaluator, you won’t be allowed to help, so it’s important to get certified before disasters occur. The certification is good for five years. After that, you can re-certify online for another five years.

Price: EB: $295 | ADV: $345 | ONS: $420

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