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Short Courses

Friday, October 12

1:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Women in Engineering

Using multiple presenters from the ASCE Leader Development staff, this session will explain, demonstrate, and offer participatory, interactive exercises for leaders at all levels to further their knowledge of themselves (Leaders know self), their followers (Leaders know their followers), and the situation (Leaders know the situation). Through these exercises, participants will grow in their understanding of how trust is the foundation to effective leadership. Each will learn and practice techniques offered to become a more trustworthy leader.

Essential Success Enabling Skills™ - Clearly Communicate Through Writing

Well-developed writing skills set engineers apart and enable career success. Unfortunately, most engineers lack essential writing skills. This short course, based upon the Academic Competencies tier of the Engineering Competency Model, will focus on how to organize your thoughts, proper mechanics, and the tone of professional writing. Topics include:

  • How to create emails, letters, and reports that communicate effectively
  • Use of standard syntax, sentence structure, and grammar
  • How to create legible handwritten communications
  • The use of plain, appropriate language for the intended audience

Most importantly, participants will learn how to communicate professionally and courteously, showing insight, perception, and depth in their writing. Attend this short course to master your professional writing skills.

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